Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Watching two shows simultaneously

My daughter came back for holidays and brought back her notebook. One day, she did something that really opened my eyes - killing two birds with one stone. She is a real TV and soap opera fan. This was what she did.

She played her soap opera series which she had downloaded from the Internet on her laptop. At the same time, she switched on the television and watched her favourite show. When commercials were on, she resumed watching the soap opera on her notebook. However, when the commercials had ended, she paused the opera series on her laptop and resumed watching the one on TV. She did this alternatively. What a good idea!

Students nowadays are very good at multitasking. They may be studying with their favourite music on or they may be accessing their emails or chatting with friends on the Internet when they are fed up of studying but they will come back to do it later on. I do not object to this as long as they do study for a certain period of time per day.

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