Monday, June 22, 2009

About the word 'pinjam' (borrow)

For today's post, I am going to deal with the Malay language. The word I will discuss here is 'pinjam' (borrow) and its derivatives added with imbuhan (affixes).

1 'pinjam' means borrow. You can make a sentence such as 'Buku cerita ini saya pinjam daripada Ali.' (This book was the one I borrowed Ali.)

2 'meminjami' means to lend someone something. Let us construct a sentence with this word to see how it is used. The sentence is 'Saya meminjami Ali sebuah buku cerita.' (I lent Ali a story book)

3 'meminjamkan' which means lend something to someone has the usage as in the following sentence:
Saya meminjamkan basikalku kepada anak jiran. (I lent my bicycle to my neighbour's son.)

4 'meminjam' means to borrow from. You can use it in a sentence as the one below:
Saya meminjam payung ini daripada Susan. (I borrowed this umbrella from Susan.)

5 'pinjami' is usually used in the passive voice. You see it in a sentence like the one shown below:
Hassan akan saya pinjami buku cerita ini. (Hassan is the one to whom I will lend this story book.)

6 'pinjamkan' is also found in the passive voice. This is one example of a sentence showing its usage.
Buku ini akan saya pinjamkan kepada Hashim. (This book is the one I will lend to Hashim.)

7 'dipinjam' means 'is borrowed from' and one can make a sentence such as the one below to show how it is used.
Buku ini dipinjam oleh Ali dari perpustakaan sekolah. (This book was borrowed from the school library by Ali.)

8 'dipinjamkan' which carries the meaning of 'was lent to' can be used in a sentence like this:
Buku ini dipinjamkan oleh Ali kepada Lina. (This borrowed was lent to Lina by Ali.)

9 'dipinjami' is tricky here. It must be preceded by the person who will receive the thing lent to him by another person. Let us see how it is used in a sentence.
Johari dipinjami Ali sebuah buku. (Johari was the one Ali loaned a book.)

So much for 'pinjam' today. If readers would like to read more posts on Malay usage of words, do indicate to me and I will oblige in future posts.

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