Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What is the difference between ‘throw at’ and ‘throw to’?

Prepositions play an important role in the English language. Different prepositions used after the same word can carry totally different meaning. In this post, I shall tell readers the difference between ‘throw at’ and ‘throw to’.

When we use ‘throw at’, we are sending something which leaves our hand at the target with the aim of hurting it. For example, if we say ‘I usually throw a stone at the dog who is following me to drive it away.’ you intend to hurt it so that it will go away for fear of being injured further.

However, you are passing something to a person in the distance by throwing something in his direction, reminding him to catch it. In this case, you will say, “I am throwing an apple to you now. Please catch it.”

So much for ‘throw at’ and ‘throw at’ with their shade of meaning explained.

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