Sunday, May 31, 2009

Remember 'The Rock' to remember 'perkarangan'

In Malay, there is a difference between 'pekarangan' and 'perkarangan'. The first word means 'halaman rumah' (the backyard or court yard of a house) while the latter carries the meaning of 'having to do with batu karang (coral). 'Perkarangan' invariably goes with 'kawasan' to form 'kawasan perkarangan' (coral area).

I usually teach my students to differentiate the two by asking them to remember 'The Rock' (one of the famous wrestlers) which in Malay is 'batu'. This is because 'r' which can be linked to 'The Rock' for easy remembrance appears in 'perkarangan'. By remembering this, students should have no problem telling the two words apart.

Let us look at how to make sentences with these two words.
1 Aminah sering mengekalkan kebersihan di pekarangan rumahnya. [Aminah often maintains the cleanliness of her court yard.]
2 Para pelacong terpesona oleh keindahan kawasan perkarangan di Pulau Redang in Malaysia. [Tourists are fascinated by the beauty of coral areas at Redang Island in Malaysia.]

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