Friday, May 29, 2009

Rafting down Pahang River

Have you been on a raft before.

Well, I have. During my stay in Jerantut, I had the chance of rafting on the Pahang River with my colleagues who taught in the same with me.

One day, Tan Pek Seng, a temporary teacher told us that the aborigines had left a raft afloat after having transported the rattan from the forest to Jerantut for sale. Usually, they would leave their raft in Jerantut and went back by bus.

We planned to raft down the Pahang River. As a safety measure for me, I wore a life-jacket because I was the only one who was not good at swiiming.

On the way down Pahang River, we could see birds and iguanas all along. Pek Seng navigated the raft with the help of a bamboo pole.

It was quite risking sitting or standing on a makeshift gadget like this. I dared not imagine what would happen if the raft were to disintegrate. After an hour's slow journey we finally arrived at the nearest small town and went ashore. Then we went back to Jerantut by bus.

Thus ended the memorable journey on a raft down Pahang River

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