Monday, May 4, 2009

I write what comes to my mind

Today, I shall talk about things general as I don't have a specific topic to discuss. I have been wondering how I have managed to come up with something to write every day. However, for today, I will simply whatever that comes to my mind.

Blogging certainly helps me tap my mind to generating some writing each. I am quite busy on most days. It is during the few hours before sleep that I manage squeeze in time to write this blog. I hope my effort is not wasted. I really want to help readers in solving some problems in the course of using the computer. I also want to do share to help those who are interested in English and would like to know some tips on its usage.

Keep coming to this blog to give me the push to continue penning.

1 comment:

RAJA said...

I do read your blogs regularly,Sir, if not everyday atleast twice a week to cover all the blogs.The essence of your writing is the simplicity of the content and the language,which doesnt disturb the reader in any aspect.keep good going,Sir