Friday, May 22, 2009

How to copy large files to DVD

In my earlier post, I taught readers how to copy files larger than 2G to DVD,that is using INCD. This method is troublesome when we need to access the files in another computer with no INCD installed. Of course if you have INCD Viewer, you can still read the files even if you don't have INCD installed.

I am going to teach readers another way of copy files larger than 2G which can't be handled by Nero under usual normal file-copying. You need to download a software named Burning Largebackup To Dvd which can be downloaded at

After installing this software, you select the files larger than 2G to be copied to your DVD. The program will split the files for you and if you required two DVD's, it will help you to copy to both disks. Furthermore, it has a restore program to rejoin your files when you need it later on.

I have tried the software and it works.

Happy copying large files using Burning Largebackup To Dvd.

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