Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How do you key in data when your keyboard fails to function?

I was in the midst of keying in something when my key failed to function. Whatever I typed did not register on the screen. I disconnected the keyboard and reinserted and still the stubborn keyboard betrayed me.

Luckily my mouse still functioned as usual. Then it dawned on me that I had to make use of my mouse to do the 'keying in'. This was what I did to 'key in' what I needed for a document which I needed to e-mail to my friend urgently and I could not get the keyboard replaced as it was near midnight.

First I opened any word file from which I would look for the letters and numbers needed for my task. For example, when I needed to key in the word 'please', I would search for the the letters p, l, e, a, s and e and copy each one by one because it might not appear in a single word and paste it to where I wanted it to appear. My mouse came in handy. All I did was to highlight a letter, right click my mouse and click 'copy', then bring the mouse cursor to where I wanted to key in and right click again and click paste. Although it was time-consuming, I managed to 'key in' what I wanted.

I hope this tip will benefit readers who happen to be in the same shoes as me some day.

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