Friday, May 8, 2009

He concocted medicine for me

Whom do you turn to when you are sick? Well, you will see a doctor.

When I was teaching in Jerantut, Pahang, the person I went to see was Mr Tan, the Hospital Assistant when I fell sick. He acted as a doctor and dispenser. I remembered how he concocted a cough mixture which helped to cure my stubborn cough. For running nose, I received piritons from him with some vitamin C tablets. Mr Tan was very friendly with the teachers.

As he stayed in the quarters near the clinic, we sometimes went to see him after office hours, and he obliged us when we asked for medicine when we were sick. There was not much red tape in a remote place like Jerantut then. He could get liquid medicine or tablets for us as he had the key to the store room where he kept his medicine. In those days, HA's attended to patients and dispensed medicines when doctors who only came on certain days were absent.

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