Friday, April 24, 2009

Playing with adjectives in sentences.

An adjective is used to tell us more about a noun. For example, if we write a sentence such as 'The boy is clever.', we have no idea how he looks like, his height and other traits. This is where adjectives come in. We can modify the above sentence into the following:
1 The handsome boy is clever.
2 The tall boy is clever.
3 The kind-hearted boy is clever.
4 The friendly boy is clever.
5 The timid boy is clever.

With the addition of 'being' in front of an adjective, we can form a subject to begin a sentence. Look at the following examples:
1 Being tall is advantageous.
2 Being fat is quite clumsy.
3 Being nervous gave the thief away.
4 Being illiterate is seldom heard of nowadays.
5 Being intelligent makes him arrogant.

Certain adjectives become nouns when they are preceded by the definite article 'the'. Examples of them are as follows:
1 The poor should be helped.
2 The rich should help the needy.

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