Saturday, March 21, 2009

How I learned how to float

When I was studying in a teachers’ college, I joined the swimming club. Not knowing anything about swimming, I started off with floating. My college mates supported me while I was made to lie horizontally on the surface of the water in the Penang Club’s swimming pool. It was my first lesson at floating. With their support, I was floating all the while. However when they let go of their hands, I was sinking and they had to help me out of the water.

It was only during the second lesson that I managed to float. My college mates cheated on me without me knowing it. Although their hand had left my body, yet they said that they were still supporting me. Finally I realized that I could float. From then on, I tried a few times and managed to float after being taught the tricks, that is to lie with the head slightly bent backwards and felt relaxed as well as thinking that I was sleeping on my bed. In this position and the right state of mind, I was able to float. Though I have not been to a swimming pool for years, I think I can still float.

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