Monday, March 9, 2009

Greed doesn't pay

Greed doesnt't pay. Because of greed, some people will gamble in the hope of getting more money with a small bet. However this people fail to realise that out of 10 times that they gamble, they will lose nine as the Chinese saying goes.

I have seen gamblers who lose so much that they have to sell their properties such as cars and houses to pay for the debts incurred through borrowing from illegal money lenders more popularly know as "ah long" here.

Avarice also causes some people to do things illegally such as smuggling and counterfeiting credit cards. When caught they will land themselves in jail.

According Buddhism, greedy people will end up in the Ghosts' Realm when they pass away. Hence the phrase 'Tan Xin Gui'(Greedy Ghosts) in Chinese is used when referring to greedy people.

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