Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Photography and me

I am interested in science, especially Physics. The pin-hole camera really attracted me. Although it can be made using a box and a translucent paper with a pin hole in front, yet it can capture the image of an object in front of it. I also used it to illustrate how the image of an object is formed at the retina when I was teaching science in Jerantut, Pahang then.

The first camera I bought was a box camera. It cost me only RM4. The film was quite expensive then but only black and white photos could be taken with it. At that time I simply took photos of my family members and scenery. I have no idea how to take good photos. Later I started to read books about photography. For example, the horizon should form one third of our scene. There is to be a frame when we want to take photos of other objects and so on. The control of aperture is also important when photographing an object or a scene.

When I was a student at a teacher’s college I joined the Camera Club and had a chance to develop the films myself. However, we only printed black and white photos but they were good enough for me. I still had some of those photos which I printed myself in the dark room.

Now I own a Sony Cybershot digital camera which not only allows me to take still pictures but movies too. I still like the SLR that I once owned because I can control the aperture and speed to achieve what I want to produce.

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