Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Another case of karma that caught up with me

When I was still in Form 4, I formed a study group with two of my classmates. They were Teoh Joo Haw and Loo Guan Leong. We called the group ‘Boy Leong’ Study Group. There is a joke about the name. In that year, a Sabahan Chinese teacher came to our school for teaching practice. As he could not pronounce the word ‘volume’ properly, he uttered the word as ‘boy leong’. We always made fun of the pronunciation all along and decided to name our study group with the two words.

One day, Joo Haw suggested that we buy a rabbit to do dissection ourselves. Without a second thought, Guan Leong and I agreed. From the chemist we bought some chloroform and from the pet shop we acquired a rabbit. Then we went to Joo Haw’s house with our dissecting tools.

We placed a piece of cotton bud sprinkled with chloroform to the nose of the rabbit and instantly it went into a coma. Then we laid the poor creature on a piece of wood and started to dissect the animal just as we were taught by our biology teacher. We could identify all the organs inside the rabbit. After some time we could not stand the stench coming from the enthralls any longer and dumped the dissected rabbit into a rubbish bin.
I was happy with a job well done then. Little did I realize that karma caught up with me when I had to be operated upon many years later.

One day, I had sustained stomachache for three days. All types of wind-expelling oil were applied to my tummy but the pain simply refused to go away. Then I went to see Dr Nadesan, my family doctor. He diagnosed my condition as suffering from appendicitis. So, I had to go to a hospital for operation.

When the surgeon in Gleneagles read the referral letter, he straight away arranged for an immediate operation for me. I was made unconscious just like the rabbit was made unconscious by me. I did not know what happened after that until I recovered from the effect of anaesthetic two hours later. I felt pain at the place where incision was done. The next day, when the nurse came to wash my wound, I had a look at it. It was a long gash just like the incision we made to the rabbit which we had dissected.

Come to think of it, this must be the karma working on me again. The incidents of karma which I had experienced were discussed in my earlier posts. If you are interested, look for the posts under ‘Religious Matter’ label.

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