Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Writing as a hobby

Writing is a hobby enjoyed by many of us, bloggers included. When we pen our daily post, we are actually writing something. In order for that something to come out, it has to go through the mind. That is why we need observation, reading, listening to people talking and doing research.

I normally write when some bright idea comes to my mind and seldom do any planning. Of course, I will have some idea of what to write before I open my blog for insertion of text or pictures for illustration. Usually, I like to write something current such as festivals. At other times, I will think of things to write to help readers to master the English Language.

From time to time, I will relate my experience to readers when I dig my brains to recollect such events. All in all, I enjoy writing or blogging in this case.

Happy writing to those who enjoy this hobby.

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