Thursday, January 22, 2009

Shangri-la in Jerantut

When I was serving as a trained teacher in Jerantut, my colleague Boo Cheng Kee used to take me along on his motorcycle to somewhere in the country side. The place we went to was scenic, peaceful and invigorating. Vegetables grown by farmers welcomed us as we strolled on the road flanked by luxuriant green grass. The smell of the grass endeared us to Mother Earth. Our faces were caressed by the cool and soothing breeze that blew as we sauntered in the country side.

We just walked around beaming to the country folk who were chatting after a day's hard work. They seemed so contented with life, unlike city-dwellers who never feel having enough money and property to their collection.

My friend, Boo gave the place a name, that is 'Shangri-la'which carries the meaning of a piece of pure and untouched land where nature is left as it is with no pollution whatsoever. I agreed with him because we did not feel any pollution anywhere here then.

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