Saturday, January 17, 2009

Music to the ear is health to the body

It is indeed interesting to learn that music can do more than entertain. It helps to prevent strokes and heart diseases. This is because by listening to melodious music, our veins and arteries will dilate by 26%, enabling blood to flow smoothly without obstruction.

However, we should not listen to irritating or noisy music that makes you feel angry as such kind of music will shrink or constrict your arteries and veins by as much as 6%. This condition is detrimental to your health as it increases the chances of a heart attack.
Hence we should go for soothing and beautiful music and shun the noisy and deafening one.

Happy listening to music that is pleasant to your ear for your good health.

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subrayoga said...

Hi Yeoh,

You blog is really attractive. I saw the discussion on the word manjatuhkan and menjatuhi and also many others that are really interesting. I have book marked your page, therefore Iwill surely drop by more often. Keep up. Subra