Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Learning to make garbage enzyme

I heard that garbage enzyme has a lot of uses. These include ridding vegetables of toxic chemicals, washing cups and plates, washing cars, mopping floor and so on. Hence I read up aritcles from the Internet and started to do it myself today.

I bought a 5-litre plastic bottle. As we need to leave 30% empty space for the gas produced during enzyme formation, I made a mark to this effect. Then I made 10 equal marking below this mark. According to my reading the ratios for brown sugar, kitchen wastes (such as fruit skins, vegetables etc) and water are 1:3:10. Hence I pour brown sugar until it occupied the space from the bottom until the first marking. After I added in water up to the 10th marking. Kitchen wastes are then thrown in until it comes to the fourth marking from the bottom. I have to wait for three months before harvesting the enzyme.

I hope to produce this enzyme successfully.

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