Saturday, January 24, 2009

How to write an essay with one-word title

Whenever I want to give a one-word title to my students for writing an essay, I use the brainstorming method. I will ask them to write down anything that comes to their minds about the title in question. Later on, they can sort out the things they have written. It usually works unless the person is of one-track mind and keeps on thinking of the same thing expressed in different ways.

Let us take an example. Suppose you were to write an essay with the one-word title ‘Money’, you can do brainstorming with a few friends and sort out whatever is churned out from their mouths and yours.
These may be the things mentioned in the session:
Buy things, get service, very important, pay, rich, poor, made of paper or metal, root of all evils, risk lives to get money, committing crimes, show off, generous, hungry, smuggling, kidnapping, cheating, professional killers, hatred, help the poor and the needy, build schools, orphanages, old folk homes, need not be physical, credit cards, online transactions

From the above we can actually sort them out by a number of points which go together such as:
a) What is money – It is made of paper or metal such as nickel –very important because it is something we use to buy things and get services from others
b) Rich people have a lot of money to enable them to live a comfortable life, some of them like to show off – poor people with little money sometimes have to go hungry as they have not enough money to buy food
c) Money can be used to do good things – those who are generous and kind-hearted will donate to help the poor and the needy, build schools, orphanages and old folk homes
d) Money is also the root of all evils – people are willing to risk their lives to get money – commit crimes such as smuggling, kidnapping and cheating to get money, hire professional killers to terminate the lives of their enemies and those who have offended him
e) Nowadays, money need not appear in physical form – credit cards can be used in place of money in hand to purchase things and get services – online transactions can be used to pay utility bills and other bills.

By sorting out the scrambled words and phrases listed, you can now proceed to write your essay with enough points to come to the required number of 350 words or above.

Try to write an essay on with one word as the title and see if the above method works.

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