Saturday, December 13, 2008

Use of synonyms to add variety to sentences

When we write an essay, we have to bear in mind that readers will feel bored if they see the same word repeated very close to each other. Hence we need to substitute it with other word or expression so as to break the monotony. In the course of our reading, we should observe how writers try to get around this situation and you will be able to emulate them. I will give an example below to show how knowing the synonyms can be of great help here.

An accident happened at the junction of Victoria Street and King Avenue yesterday. It took place when I was passing through King Avenue then. After this mishap had occurred a big crowd gathered around the place, causing traffic congestion for about twenty minutes before the arrival of a truck which towed the cars away.

The verb ‘happened’ used in the first sentence is substituted by ‘took place’ and ‘occurred’ in the second and third sentences respectively to render variety and kill the boredom out of reading the same verb if no change was changed to it.

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