Friday, December 5, 2008

An ugly girl repents

There is one real incident of a teenage girl in Taiwan who turned from a beautiful lass into an ugly girl, all happening gradually. At first, there was only a small tumour on her face. It grew larger and larger until it covered almost all her face. By this time, she could only take in fluids through a straw inserted into her mouth.

The suffering she endured was beyond description. Her mother went from doctor to doctor, seeking medical treatment for her but to no avail. Finally one lady doctor who was a Buddhist told her to repent by chanting the name of 'Amitabha Buddha' and transferred the merit to her enemies in her past lives. She began to tell the girl about the true nature of life according to Buddhism. Then it dawned on her that what she had suffered was the work of karma as she related her experience.

Ever since the tumour on her face grew bigger, she had been seeing a 'man' who kept telling her to give him back his life. Besides, the same bad dream haunted her almost daily. The old lady in her dream asked her to give her back her son's life. The girl told the mother that being a teenager she had not hurt anyone before let alone murdered one. She then saw herself wearing traditional dress of ancient time mingling with a young man. He loved her very much but later she deserted her causing so much grief to him that he committed suicide. In this life the ghost had found her and attached ‘himself’ to the girl's face for revenge.

When she began to chant the name of Amitabha Buddha, the ghost had stopped to disturb her as she had repented and asked 'him' to chant the Buddha's name too so as to land themselves to the Buddha's Pure Land together.

She was so diligent in chanting Amitabha Buddha's name that heavenly birds descended from heavenly realm and called out her name as well as chanting with her.

The moral is we must not cause irreparable damage to someone because it will come back to us as is the working of karma or cause and effect.

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