Thursday, November 27, 2008

The unmotivated learners

Have you come across students who simply don't want to study? Well, I have.
These students have very poor foundation when they are in the primary schools. Being unable to follow the language lessons taught in secondary schools, they give up altogether. That explains why they refuse to study. To them, it is pointless studying since they are not going to understand a thing.

Secondary school teachers like me have a tough time making them understand lessons. The exam-oriented system has no place for such students. Hence they will fool around in school until they 'graduate' from Form Five because the promotion from Form 1 to Form 5 is automatic in my country.

I really hope that the retention of students to repeat the same form if they fail will be reintroduced to enable them to study the same lessons all over again. Ideally, they should be in remedial classes where lessons are simplified and taught according to their progress. In this way, the uninterested students will be motivated to study since they can see improvement in their learning.

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