Sunday, November 16, 2008

How I came to like guitar songs

I like to listen to music from the guitar even now. When I first heard the guitar played by my friend, I was in Form Four and in that year I became a scout. During our weekly meeting, some scouts would be playing the guitar and we would be singing our favourite scout songs. One scout in particular could play the guitar very well. His name is Khaw Kheng Joo. One year, we had a campout at Fraser Hill. At night, he played the guitar to entertain us. I really enjoyed listening to the songs played by Kheng Joo.

Then when I started teaching, I bought cassettes containing guitar songs. I used to listen to them while lying in bed in the afternoon. How soothing those songs were. Sometimes I fell asleep after listening to such songs which acted like lullabiess.

So much for guitar songs.

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