Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Power calibration error

I borrowed a friend's cds with recording of the Olympic Games from Astro to be copied. My DVD burner returned an error known as 'power calibration error'. I tried several of the same type of media and had the same error message. After that, I used a branded DVD disk and the error message did not appear again. Finally the burner did the job of copying disks for me.
I am still at sea as to why this happened.

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Moannie said...

Hello, I just wanted to drop by to thank you for visiting my blog.
I have no knowledge of the technology that drives this thing I work on. I depend on my 'panic' button that is linked to Son or Daughter.
You are so very young, are you a student or a teacher? It would be nice if you wrote a post telling us something about your life.
I will keep an eye on you and hope to find out more about you.