Friday, October 24, 2008

More about myself

In response to Moannie’s request, I will tell readers more about myself. I am a Malaysian Chinese from the beautiful island of Penang, Malaysia. I retired from teaching as a government servant in 2005 but I am still teaching English and Malay as a private tutor. I look young as in the photo taken years ago. However, I will be turning sixty next July. Hence I am far from young.

I have a young heart and am interested in many things such as computers, electronics, programming, religion, literature, languages, music, qigong, tai chi, science and other matters of interest.

Blogging is my new hobby and I enjoying penning this blog that you are reading.

My interest in English and Malay is still very strong. Being a teacher of both languages makes me understand their usage better. That explains why most of the posts here have something to do with English.

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Dendrite said...

I came across this blog when i was searching for Raub photos. It does bring lots of memories from a place I lived for a few years, and is still a place I consider my home town.

The now run down Dewan Jubilee was the most impressive town hall then.

As the town was located on a hilly area, morning was old and misty.

The Honda C70 was also the most popular bikes then. If I remembered correctly, it was sold for about RM$2,000 then, and credit facilities could be arranged too.

My family made a trip to Kuala Lumpur and had to returned at night in a run down Fiat 850. What a journey, driving through a long, winding, dark and misty road without street light.