Monday, October 6, 2008

The difference between 'keairan' and 'perairan'

Today's post is about the Malay language. I shall tell you the difference between 'keairan' and 'perairan'.

The first word 'keairan' means 'air enters a place' in the passive sense. In Malay, ist is explained as 'diamasuki air'. A sentence illustrating the meaning is as follows:
Kapal itu tenggelam kerana keairan. [The ship sank because water had entered it.]

As for the second word 'perairan', it means 'waters' or 'kawasan air' in Malay. The sentence below shows the sense of the word:
Kegiatan lanun sering berlaku di perairan berhampiran dengan Teluk Eden. [Piracies often occur in the waters near the Bay of Eden.]

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