Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A little about Buddhism.

Buddhism is different from other religions in that every being is considered equal with Buddha. In other words, animals and man alike can achieve Buddhahood if he, she or it practises the teachings of the Buddha.
First of all we must get rid of greed, hatred and delusion. If we can forego a lot of things in life, we will not be so worried. Hatred begets hatred. Why not we love all beings and leave hatred alone? Delusion can be simply put as not being able to understand the true nature of things. Everything in this world is impermanent. A good example is the flower. It will not last forever but will wither. Things can go bad. Human bodies will go bad one day too.
Purification of the mind and doing dana will pave the way to achieving nirvana or eternal bliss.
In Mahayana Buddhism, we can chant the name of Amitabha Buddha to go to His land when we pass away. The Eastern Paradise where He resides is a very good place to practise to achive full Buddhahood. Amitabha Buddha had vowed that whoever who chant His name will be received by Him on the person's death.

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