Thursday, September 4, 2008

The correct usage for 'tidak' and 'tiada'

Most of the time I talk about usage in English. In this post, I will guide beginners in Malay on the correct usage of 'tidak' and 'tiada'.

a) The word ‘tidak’ is followed by an adjective or verb. The following sentences will illustrate my point:
1 Soalan Matematik ini tidak susah.
[This Maths soalan is not difficult.]
2 Dia tidak menjelaskan yuran kelab ini.
[He did not pay the club subscription.]

b) ‘Tiada’ is the same as 'tidak ada'
It is followed by a noun. The sentence below shows its usage:
Tiada pegawai yang bertugas pada masa itu.
[No officer was on duty at that time.]

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