Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Yu Lan Jie

For the Chinese, this month is called Yu Lan Jie (loosely rendered as Month of the Hungry Ghosts). It is believed that during this month the door is open for the hungry ghosts to have their fill where there is offering for them.

In Penang, stage performance on make-shift stage can seen everywhere. Some organisers will hire Hokien or Teowchew opera troupes from Thailand or China to perform. Some will engage singing groups with bands to render songs to entertain the people around a certain area. During the performance, donations for schools will be collected.

Parents usually do not allow their children to go out at night lest they meet the hungry ghosts and something bad befalls them.

All wedding arrangement will not be done in this month too because it is not auspicious.

The month mentioned above started from 31 August and will end on 29 August.

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