Wednesday, August 13, 2008

How to use 'mendidih' and 'mendidihkan'

In my last post, I talked about the difference between 'pekarangan' and 'perkarangan' in Malay.

I shall present in this post another pair of Malay words which are often wrongly used. These are 'mendidih' and 'mendidihkan'.

To use them correctly, you need to know their 'golongan kata' (part of speech). The word 'mendidih' which means 'is boiling' is a 'kata kerja tak transitif' (intransitive verb) and 'mendidihkan' which carries the meaning of 'to boil' is a 'kata kerja transitif' (transitive verb).
The following sentences will make the meanings of these two words and their usage clear to readers:

a) Air yang dijerang oleh ibu mendidih. (The water put over the fire by mother is boiling.)
b) Ibu mendidihkan air supaya bebas daripada kuman. (Mother boiled the water so that it was free of germs.)

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