Sunday, August 3, 2008

About myself and this blog

I am a retired teacher but I still carry on teaching English and Malay as a private tutor. You may be wondering why I know Hokkien, English, Malay and Mandarin. Well, I hail from Penang where I have been speaking Hokkien since I began to utter the first word.

The education system in Malaysia, my beloved country enabled me to be educated trilingually. Hence I am able to speak and write in Mandarin, Malay and English. As for Cantonese, I can manage with Hokkien accent.

As the name of this blog suggests I will write about various things, languages included. That explains why I started to pen about Mandarin, the very basic phrases to get the ball rolling. Learning Mandarin calls for great effort as you have to pronounce the words according to the four tones. Writing the words is not an easy task either.

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