Wednesday, July 16, 2008

It does not pay to be hasty

When my sister-in-law drove me to the bus stop to board my bus to Pudu Raya Bus Terminal, I saw the first bus about to move. I hurried got out of the car, heading for the bus which was scheduled to leave. In fact the driver had started to drive. I waved to him to stop and he did. I got on the bus and was soon on my way to Pudu Raya. When the bus was quite far away from the place where it had stopped, suddenly I realised that I had left my mobile phone in my sister-in-law's car.

I decided not to get off the bus because I was not familiar with the place. Later she phoned me telling me that I had left my handset in her car. I told her to keep it first and told her to send me the SIM card as I had a spare set of mobile phone at home.

When I reached Penang, I found it inconvenient to be without my SIM card as I had all the contact numbers in the chip. The next day I went to my service provider to have my
SIM replaced minus the contact numbers. I still retained my phone number but I had to pay RM10 for the service. Then I told my sister-in-law not to bother sending me the SIM card but to hand the phone with it to my daughter. She will give it to me when she comes back for holidays.

Now I had to key in all the contact numbers. What a tedious job to do. All because of my haste. If I had just let the bus go and wait for the next one, I would have remembered the phone or my sister-in-law would have discovered that I had left my mobile phone in her car.

This incident shows that it does not pay to be hasty.

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