Monday, July 7, 2008

How to get things ready in case Windows crashes

When I had reformat hard disk and Windows so many times, I have finally decided to get ready all the programs needed to minimizing the above chores.

I found that having a software to copy your system and to restore it back when it crashes is a must. At present I am using Norton Ghost 14 with its accompanying Norton Recovery Disk to create the environment for restoring the Windows system.

I did mention that my hard disk died as it had too many bad sectors that Windows hhanged and nothing can be done to rectify it. Hence I had to acquire a new hard disk. After formatting it, I run the recovery disk and indicate where my backup file was and within half an hour, my Windows system was as before. It saved me so much time.

I also get ready the following disks and software for use in case I need them.
a) WinXP disk
b) MS Office disk
c) Bart PE disk
d) Winzip
e) Winamp
f) WinRar
g) FineReader
h) Soundedit Pro
i) Bit Comet
j) Klite Codec
k) Driver Max
l) Partition Magic
m) Firefox

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ankur said...

well , ghost doesnt format your windows completely .