Monday, July 21, 2008

Dewan Eja Pro with Kamus Dewan

I bought Dewan Eja Pro from the Name Technology and it comes with Kamus Dewan 4th edition. This electronic dictionary is very useful to me as I am teaching Malay (known as Bahasa Malaysia). I can find the word whose meaning or meanings I need to know easily. I also bought the Pocket PC edition of Kamus Dewan and use it as if it is an electronic dictionary which I can carry around in my pocket when I go to my class.

Readers can download the PC version or the Pocket PC version for a trial of two months. I did that and got used it and decided to purchase it so that I could use it always. You can click here to go to the Name Technology to download Dewan Eja Pro with Kamus Dewan for testing out the software.


Zen said...

its gr8

Mohd Firdaus said...

fyi, i was at universiti malaya the other day and i was approached by a sales agent for this new e-kamus called carikata or something. I taught it was really cool with really nice interface. Dont know why its not as well known though. Been a user of Dewan Eja and i think this carikata beats them hands down. Dont know how to get it though :( the booth has since closed.