Saturday, May 10, 2008

Science is interesting

Since young, I have been interested in science. Physics appeals to me more than Chemistry and Biology.

I still remember that a convex lens will make parallel light converge. So I used a magnifying and placed it under the sun to ignite the match stick head and it worked. The study of Physics also satisfies my curiosity as to how rainbows are formed and how other phenomena occur.

In the earlier days, the teacher did all the experiments and we just watched, hoping to be able to do them ourselves. Then came Integrated Science and the pupils had a chance to do all the experiments in the worksheets.

I was trained as an Integrated Science teacher and it made me even more interested in Science because I had the chance to do all the experiments that I would ask my pupils to do. If you have read my earlier post, I did mention I had to teach Integrated Science in English and Malay and sometimes I used the wrong medium of instruction and my class roared with laughter.

Science is interesting in that we are able to understand nature and how things work through studying science.

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