Thursday, May 1, 2008

How to use 'despite' and 'although' correctly

In my previous posts, I talked about how to use ‘so that’ and ‘so as’ correctly. In this post, the use of another pair, namely ‘despite’ and ‘although’ will be discussed.

1 ‘despite’ is used in front of a noun phrase.

Example 1:

Despite the heavy rain, the boys continued playing football.

Example 2:

He came to work despite being sick.

Example 3:

She still works there despite the miniscule salary.

2 ‘although’ is used in front of a clause.

Example 1

Although he was sick, he still went to work.

Example 2

Although it was raining, the boys continued to play football.

Example 3

Although he failed in the exam a few times, he still wanted to sit for it.