Monday, May 12, 2008

How to make CD-RW or DVD-RW behave like a hard disk

Besides INCD, a packet writing software that comes with Nero Burning software, there is another way you can do so. The software to be used is DLA which stands for Drive Letter Access. You can download DLA software here.

Ounce you have installed DLA, you need to format your CD-RW or DVD-RW for packet writing. This is how to do it.

1 Insert CD-RW or DVD-RW into CD-Writer.

2 Go to my Computer.

3 Right click the drive where you have inserted your CD-RW or DVD-RW.

4 Place cursor on format and click once to format it. Choose FULL format.

To write to this disk just drag your file to this drive. You can also save your document to this drive too. It is just like another hard disk.

The next time you want to use the CD-RW or DVD-RW for packet writing. Choose ‘Use with DLA’.

Right click the file you want to copy to the above CD-RW or DVD-RW and choose ‘send to’ the DLA drive with the formatted CD-RW or DVD-RW.

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