Tuesday, May 20, 2008

How to be a good Buddhist

Buddhists believe that all beings are capable of attaining Buddhahood. Hence he will practise the teaching of Buddha as best as he can to get rid of three things that cause suffering. These are avarice, hatred and delusion.

A good Buddhist will try not to be greedy and avoid taking things that do not belong to him or resorting to cheating others to gain more money. Donating things and money to the needy is another way of practising not to be greedy.

As for cutting down on hatred, he will try to forgive others and treat others as if they are his close relatives in past lives.

Getting rid of delusion needs the understanding of the true nature of things. If he can always remind himself that all things are in constant flux and nothing is constant and that every phenomenon involves cause and effect, he will have got rid of delusion.

Meditation is one way of achieving peace of mind, leading to enlightenment. For those who have too many things to trouble their mind, chanting the name of Amita Buddha is a good way of calming themselves paving the way to enlightenment too because Amita Buddha in His vow has promised to take those who chant His name to his world – the Realm of Ultimate Blisss when they pass away. There attaining Buddhahood will be much easier because of the good environment there.

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