Saturday, April 5, 2008

How I converted video files into mp3.

I obtained a free set of ten VCD’s about how chanting the name of Amita Buddha enables people to go to the Western World where Amita Buddha is . Many accounts of those who practiced this form of Buddhism really passed away peacefully to join Amita Buddha in His realm in Western World are narrated. They are so interesting that I want to listen to all of them.

As I am quite busy with my work and can’t afford to spend so much listening to them at home, I decided to extract the audio files in mp3 format so that I can fit all the ten video files into a CD which I can play with my car’s CD player with capability of playing mp3 files.

First I searched through the Internet and found this file , a free video-to-mp3-converter. It is really very easy to use. After installing it, I started to run it. There are only two boxes for you to enter the location of your source file and that of your output mp3 file. Since mine is a VCD, I clicked ‘Browse’ and navigate to Drive G and click the right subdirectory to find the dat file. This becomes your source file. As for the output mp3 file box, I browse to the directory where I want to save the converted mp3 file.

I named disk1 disk_a, disk2 disk_b and so on. Do not name them disk1 until disk10 because when you ask Nero Burning Rom to burn them to a CD, disk10 will head the list.

I burnt all the ten mp3 files to a CD and now I am listening to them while driving. It will take me quite some time to finish listening to them.


fwidman said...

Thanks for that link :) Looks like they have a lot of interesting and free software to check out!

fwidman said...

I downloaded the program and had lots of fun with it :)
I also linked your article in my blog, so others can come and see it.
Have a great Sunday :)