Wednesday, March 5, 2008

How to avoid spraining your ankle

This morning, I went to the Chinese bone-setter to massage my sprained ankle. I consulted him on how to avoid spraining my ankle again. In this post I would like to share the tips I got from him.

According to him, to prevent yourself from spraining your ankle, you must position your feet correctly when you walk, squat or get out of your car.
a) When you walk, the sides of your legs should be parallel to each other.
b) When you squat, you must open you leg to the width of your body, position your feet so that the sides are parallel to each other. Then squat down and move your feet to form a ‘V’ shape. You must not form the ‘V’ shape and squat for you will sprain your ankle in so doing.
c) When you get out of your car, position your right foot (for Malaysia) and left foot (for USA) so that the side is parallel to the side of your car before shifting your body weight to it when you are out. If your foot is 45 degrees to the side of your car when you shift your body weight to it, you are more likely to sprain your ankle.

I hope the above tips are useful to readers.

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