Thursday, March 27, 2008

About Siau Ching

In my earlier post, I talked about Sam Sung, a tourist guide from in China. I am going to tell you an efficient tour leader of our group. She is Siau Ching from Penang, my hometown.

I could see her efficiency when she settled our checking in at the airport, especially the luggage. Though of small build she could drag the luggage effortly.

As for the sitting arrangement on the plane, she took pains to pair us and group all those in a family together. Hence it was a pleasant journey with the one you knew seated next to you.

She was also very professional when it came to the itineraries. If a place could not be visited she would arrange for an alternative site for sight-seeing.

As for morning call, she would ring us if we needed her to do so.

We would not be left stranded should we leave the group for a while, as she was very good at head counting. The group would not leave without the presence of every body. Usually Sam Sung Sam led the tour group and Siau Ching would be at the end to make sure no one was left behind.

She was also good at telling jokes to kill our boredom during long journey from place to another.

Thank you very much, Siau Ching, formaking our trip to Beijing so enjoyable and memorable.

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