Thursday, February 28, 2008

Past Future Perfect Tense

Past future perfect tense is in the form of :
would (not) have + past participle.

It usually pairs with past perfect tense.
This tense is used to describe some action that has happened earlier which results in something not to the satisfaction of the doer.

Example 1:
If I had asked come earlier, I would have bought the last copy of the book.
Explanation: I did not come earlier. If I did, the last book would still be there and I had the chance to buy it.

Example 2:
If man had shown concern towards the Earth, it would not have been polluted to the present extent.
Explanation: Man did not show concern towards the Earth. Man polluted the Earth every now and then. It reached a serious state when this sentence is written.

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RAJA said...

This is really helpful to me, as I was eagerly looking for the format of Future Perfect in the past. thanks a lot for the description and in particular the examples.