Wednesday, February 20, 2008

How to improve your English

English is an international language and the key to acquiring knowledge. As such, one should try to improve on the language.

There are several ways to do this.

First, take a great interest in the language. Only with interest will your effort of learning the language be sustained. Read anything English. It can be a label on a can, a newspaper page, a book or a magazine.

Second, buy a good English dictionary, preferably one that has English explanation only so that inhibition of one's mother tongue will not occur.

Third, speak with a friend who is proficient in English. When we listen to one who speaks good English, we will be influenced by him or her to do the same too.

Fourth, listen to news on radio and television, paying attention to the pronunciation. BBC provides good English audio files for you to listen to in your effort to master the language.

Fifth, keep a journal. A journal enables you to put your thoughts on paper or electronically like what I do with my Pocket PC.

As conclusion, in order to improve on our English, interest counts most. With interest, we will find someone to converse with, tune to a radio station to listen to the English news, read English newspapers, books and magazines every day and keep a journal as a way of writing in English.

Happy learning English.


julai said...

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fwidman said...

Nice thinking on how to improve your English. The BBC is excellent at that, but so is the Japanese shortwave radio station. In fact, just about any large countrys shortwave radio as they almost all run English language programming.
Plus, I advise people to listen to music. A Mexican man I used to work with learned English by listening to old rock and roll songs. And, he spoke very good English!

Catsy said...

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