Thursday, February 7, 2008

Chinese New Year

Today is Xin Nian or Chinese New Year (CNY). I would like to wish all Chinese A Very Happy Chinese New Year.

This is a day that children are looking forward to because they have a lot to gain. First they will get hong bao from their parents, brothers and sisters who are married and relatives. Next, they get immunity from scolding as parents will definitely not tell off their children on this day lest bad luck should befall the latter. The most thrilling thing is being able to play with firecrackers (banned in Malaysia) or fireworks. They will also be able to savour all types of biscuits, cakes and dishes.

For adults, they will be visiting their relatives with their children tagging along. It is an exchange of hong bao as parents of both families will give the red packets to the other party's offspring.

In Malaysia, open houses hosted by political leaders are very common. Tourists sometimes attend them too to feel what it is like to celebrate CNY through the food served by the hosts.

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