Monday, February 18, 2008

Chanting the Buddha's Name

When we talk about Buddhism, meditation always comes to our mind as a way of practising Buddhism.

Meditation is good but you need guidance or you may be in trouble as you may be possessed by evil spirits.

In this post, I will talk about another way of achieving the same effect as meditation in terms of acquiring peace of mind and nothingness. It is chanting Buddha's name.

We can chant the name of any Buddha, preferably Amita Buddha many times a day. It can be 108 times or more. When we chant, we say 'Namo Amita Buddha' clearly, concentrating on each word we utter. With full concentration, we will clear our mind of all mundane things and achieve calmness. It is said that if we chant sincerely and whole-heartedly, golden light will fill the place where we sit chanting. It is the light manifested by the Buddha.

People who practise this method enjoy good health because peace of mind allows the organs in the body to function well.

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