Friday, January 18, 2008

The Kind Blogging Community

I have been blogging continuously for over a month now and I find that most bloggers are kind-hearted. They usually oblige you when you ask them to exchange links with you. This is good for traffic that goes to our blogs.

Since exchanging links with fellow bloggers, I find that traffic has been increasing to my blog. Even when no new visitors come, the bloggers that we link to will come for regular visits. Of course it must be a two-way traffic. Visiting our fellow bloggers enables us to read their new posts. Hence we lose nothing in doing that.

Encouragement from fellow bloggers is important for us to continue our passion - blogging. This is true because we need to crack our head over what to write for our next post every now and then.

My salute to you, fellow bloggers.


mteodor said...

Thanks for the add and for visiting my blogosphere. I agree with you the exchange means reciprocal and... mutual. I made some changes on my blogs and still working, but asap I'll like to post your link there. All the best,

fwidman said...

I posted your link onto my blogroll. I don't have lots of visitors yet, but hopefully those that do come to my blog will come and check yours out :)

Abby said...

amen to that! my sentiments exactly. i sure we bloggers keep on supporting each other. afterall, there's plenty for everyone in the blogsphere.

btw, i'd like to say that you've got a cool thing goin on here. keep it up. here's my addy so we can exchange links

hope you caome by and take a look. have a great day.