Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Importance of Rechecking

Many a time, we regret for not checking our answers again before handing in the answer scripts to the invigilator. This is one of the occasions when rechecking is important. There may be spelling errors, shading of answers in wrong places for objective questions or miscalculating for maths in one's answer script.

In life, we need to fill in various forms. We have to do it carefully, especially spelling of names, identity card numbers and other details. Insertion of data in the forms is not enough, we have to recheck our entry to make sure no errors occur.

In travelling, rechecking of date, time of flight and check-in will prevent one from missing the plane.

Before giving out medicine to a patient, the nurse in charge should recheck the name of the medicine and dosage to avoid administering wrong medication which can have disastrous effect.

There are still many more occasions when rechecking is absolutely important and necessary.

Hence we should make rechecking a way of life.

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