Monday, January 28, 2008

How To Write a Grade A Essay

With my experience as an English Language teacher, writing an essay that fetches high marks is no easy task because certain criteria are used to gauze Grade A essays.

Firstly, your essay must be able to sustain the interest of the examiner. If your writing fails to attract him, your chances of getting good grades are slim.

Secondly, varied sentence structures must prevail in your essay. It will be monotonous to read the same type of sentences again and again. Sometimes let them be short. At other times longer sentences should be used. Invert your sentences must you do occasionally. Add in conversation to render your story more convincing.

Next, you must show your command of the language by using appropriate vocabulary at suitable places. All sentences must be grammatically correct.

Right paragraphing, punctuation and spelling counts too.

Hence you must first write a very good and interesting introduction to arouse the interest of the examiner. The next task is to word your sentences differently with apt vocabulary, linked by carefully planned paragraphs without errors in spelling and punctuation, not forgetting correct grammar.

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fwidman said...

Writing a Grade A essay is like writing a book :) Keeping the readers interest is of utmost importance :)