Sunday, January 20, 2008

Have Bikes Will Travel

When Yong Cheng Suan and I were posted to Pahang, a state in Malaysia as qualified teachers, we went there by train, then by bus. He reported to Convent Secondary School in Raub while I had to go to Jerantut Secondary School in Jerantut.

Being adventurous we decided to go to Pahang, a distance of 640 km from Penang, by motorcycle after the first term holidays. You see, being buddies, we bought the same model, that is Honda Cub C70. His number plate was PN3532 and mine was PN3533.

Very early in the morning, we set off from Penang, fresh and eager to be on the go. We travelled at about 50 km per hour and kept to this speed throughout the journey.

It was quite risky travelling on highways with cars, buses and lorries brushing by our sides. We had to ride our bikes in single file because as vehicles which were travelling at high speed passed by us, it created a temporary state of vacuum drawing us to their sides. Hence we had to slow down to reduce this suction effect. Balancing was important to maintain stability when the 'big brothers' of the high sped by our right side. We were in this precarious situation a few times.

We stopped at Tapah, a small town in Perak and Yong suggested that we ride up Cameron Highlands. I agreed without thinking and so up the hill we went. At last, we reached the peak and saw construction work of the Merlin Hotel in progress. It was quite cool up the highland. We rested awhile before going on our journey again.

It was nearly 7.00 p.m. when we reached Raub and I put up in Yong’s house for the night. The next morning, Yong accompanied me to Jerantut. It was also his first visit there.

If I were given a choice now, I wouldn't have done such a risky thing. Even if I needed my bike to ferry me from my place to school, I could easily send it by rail.

So much for my motorcycle journey to Pahang.

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