Sunday, December 30, 2007

Things To Do Before the Crash of Windows

I am sure most of us use the computer daily. Chances are the operating system may hang one of these days. It happened to me many times and it can happen to you too. In fact, I reinstalled my Windows more than five times because Windows stayed put and refused to work.

From the above experience, I know that we have to prepare ourselves for the system crash if it does. These are the things you need to do before it takes place.

1 Back up every one of your files on removable media such as pen drives or external hard disks. In this way you will have you files intact should crash of you Windows occur.

2 Back up all the drivers in the computer on a pen drive or a CD. It will help greatly in restoring them after you have reinstalled Windows. You can use a free software such as Driver Max to do the job.

3 Keep your original Windows Installation disk, and other installation disks for scanner, printer etc. in a safe place. They are needed to reinstall your system, scanners, printers and so on.

4 Keep passwords in a safe place or encrypt them and save to a file.

Happy computing and surfing the net without a hitch.

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